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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finally the Rock is Back with the belt
Finally the Rock has come back to the Royal Rumble, this will be my last post until I post the winner or the match
John Cena wins I'm so glad he isn't a heal all the work he does with Make a Wish I am proud to be a fan.
Y2J out after two code breakers verynice, every finishing move out of all the super stars so fun shamus  john cena and rybec are the final 3 could not have better for me

feed me more, is Rybek made for the Royal Rumble, I gues we will see
Cesaro Out good I don't like him. Awesome the miz is in Hello I'm Awesome. 3MB eliminated they are such bad musicians they cant even play the jukebox

I lost track of the rumble, I am sorry to all my loyal fans
git the f out of town the godfather is back, and he's out John Cena  kicks ass alot of ass

Lord Tensi, the funkasourus I wish I could dance as well as that 300 pounder. Ray Mysterio Jr. lost track of eliminations.
Heath Slayter Crap Face I would like to choke him. Ha Ha King Called A. J. a napkin because shes been on so many guys laps, now shamus great.
Titus O'Neil looks strong, Drew Macintire out, Gold Dust AWESOME. I want to see some schattered dreams. David Otunga waste of oxygen.
Kofi Kingston, Santino, Santino out, Drew Macyntire. your welcome for the update.
Ziggler, Y2J, Cody Rhodes first three in the ring for the rumble
Y2J in the Royal Rumble, I just pooped my pants, Fozzy must me on a break from touring. I guess they are big in germany
Royal Rumble so excited second best ppv of the year. To bad my wife is sick I know she would like to enjoy this with me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ricky the Dragon Steamboat and The Rock tonight on RAW. 3MB I don't know if your guys know this but it looks like you guys are staring in a douche bag commercial. Goat face and Kane team hell no what a couple of useless piles of shorn pubic hair vs. the Rhodes scholars the intellectual saviors of my ass.