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Monday, July 30, 2012

the referee in the ring right now was one of the guys in white robes that brought daniel bryan to the nut farm. I'm sure of it, couldn't RAW get more extras.
tensi makes me want to eat some cheese-its, I don't know why but he does. Also I wish he didn't breath so loud. And who the hell is Tyson Kidd, nevermind match over.
last week heath slayter got beat up by Lita, he doesn't stand a chance against Randy Orton this week. Well that was fast.
what will be extinct first tag team matches or wrestling managers, on thing for sure tag team managers won't be around long. I hope you had a back up plan A.W..
aj is crazy, but having Daniel Bryan Committed was a good idea at least i don't have to listen to him the rest of the night. i wish both of them would have there mouths sown shut.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Undertaker is back baby 20-0 in wrestle-mania the brothers of destruction awesome. 
A.P.A. and all the legends are in the ring tonight such a great night on RAW. Phyco Sid, Road Warrior Animal, Doink the Clown, Sargent Saughter, DDP, Big Van Vader, Rakichi, and the Hot Rod Roudy Roddy Pipper.
HHH verses Brock Lesnar at summer slam looks like another $50 added to my cable bill
finally the Rock has come back to Monday Night RAW
does anyone remember when Daniel Bryan wasn't good enough to be a member of nexus that group isn't even around anymore, they lasted what 3 months, how the hell is he still relevant. Oh yeah he isn't.  What the FUCK just happened AJ is the new general manager of Monday Night RAW, that is the dumbest thing ever. Vince has lost his mind.
should AJ say I do or I don't, who cares i just hope she does it fast because this is dumb as hell. a wedding on RAW1000 give me a break. Love is grand but divorce is 100 grand.
dude love just made an appearance on RAW1000, to give Jack Swagger a taste of Sacko.
recliner check, monday night raw check, colorado coolaid check. life is good
1000th episode of RAW in 3 minutes. i can hardly wait.

Monday, July 2, 2012

now DDP came to the ring for a Self High Five. Diamond Cutter from Diamond Dallas Page, that was classic. Heath Slayter is an Ass Hole.

Heath Slayter is comeing to the ring that means its time for a past superstar to come out and kick his ass, who will it be this week, Doink the clown nice.
anything having to do with AJ makes for a bad story line. CM Punk is an idiot cute and stupid, is still stupid.
Brogue kick time, it couldn't happen to a nicer pile of shit.
prime time players are the number one contenders for the tag team championship belts, still nobody cares. Tag matches are stupid, it was nice to see David Otunga get his ass beat like a government mule.
well its the big show, the big bad show tonight, i hate it when people wear knit hats in the summer, dumb ass get a thermometer , were in Wisconsin it got all the way down to 100 degrees outside,  you better get something on to cover your ears.
RAW IS Jericho