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Monday, February 27, 2012

If you smell what the Rock is cooking, I'm out of Beer. Finally The Rock has come back to Raw.The most electrifing man in all of entertainment.
Cody Rhodes is a dumb sonofabithch, when a man tips the scales at 500lbs you might not want to make him mad especially when you are a tiny pile of used chewing gum. You stupid bag of dicks.
howski = power hunger slut. I don't give a shit bout you, yes you look good, but there are a shit time of good looking people, you are not special, special is someone you can shut the fuck up with and be yourself and so can they that is when you know when you found somebody special when you can shut the fuck up. got off the WWE posts but needed to be said and that was from pulp fiction.
Because I'm the Ternes and I'm Awesome. I like the sound of that. The Rock, The Peoples Champ is making an aperance tonight on RAW, can my blog handle it, I hope so.
If Kane doesn't make an aperance tonight everyone that subscribes to my blog will be invited to a Texas Style BBq at our house this summer. If Kane does make an aperance everyone that subscribes to my blog will be invited to a Carolina Style BBQ at our house this summer. If you don't know the difference please unsubscribe.
C.M. Punk vs Y2J the best in the world i don't think so and now Danial Bryan comes out jerk off #1, Awesome, jerk off #2. followed to the ring by David Otunga and John Lorinitus jerk off #3 and jerk off #4. Not A great start tonight for the interim general manager of RAW tonight, i wish you would shut your fat stupid face.
Epic trailor night at the Ternes House Daytona 500, Monday night RAW, and a 12 pack of Stones. Got my Undertaker Tshirt on and loving life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

No Kane tonight maybe the WWE suits realised he is boring, slow , and dumb i cant wait to not see him later. Undertakers 1/2 brother i don't think so, the amount of Awesomeness difference between my brother and I is almost not even there compaired to Kane and The Undertaker.
HHH and the Undertaker at WrestlemaniaXXVIII Hell in a Cell Match, and I'm gonna miss it I haven't taken a vacation in about 6 years and my vacation starts the same day as Wrestlemania.
David Otunga is a horrible pile of decroted rat poop. I wish he would climb the rest of the way up John Laurinaitis' ass.
Ron Simmons a WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012 Damn. We are The nation of domination. I also really like APA, I'll but fine, fine Taco Bell burrito for the first person that posts what APA stands for in reference to Ron Simmons.
The Peanut Teddy Long used to be a manager/ ref now general manager of smackdown, nice work player.
raise your hand if you thought Eve was a slut, not so fast Zack Ryder, maybe I'm getting old but nowadays I think the Divas are boring, it was very funny though when John Cena called her a "hoeskee" and the "glamazon" Beth Phoenix might be the only person in sports entertainment that does more steroids then Hulk Hogan did back in the day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Zack Ryder,
   Dont try to man up when you are a broke dick (due to Kane), not get the crap kicked out of you by John Cena (who you turned on) then get put back into a ambulance again and try to ack tuff, Long Islang IceTea is a stupid drink not a wrestling a knickname.
R-Truth vs Dolf Zigler I hate them both. Plus Shawn Michaels is done with no sweet chin music the feeling in my gut is similar to when i found out santa claus was fake.
welcome to mywwe blog. Tonight on raw the show stopper Shaun Michaels will be making a guest apperance I hope we see some sweat chin music. You know I'm sexy, I know you want me, I'm not your boy toy, awesome. But to start off the show with Kane being stupid embrace the hate eat my bud light platinum farts you big red reject, then a debat give me a break. I do happen to be a Master Debator. But R-truth's persona is dumb as hell.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cody Rhodes eliminates 6 guys at the royal rumble, do you know how many people care, Just the 6 people eliminated nobody gives a crap about Cody Rhodes.
David Otunga Just Tebow'd on raw
55 days until Westlemania
Daniel Bryant a vegan with a leather jacket wtf? I don't care about vegans but thats stupid.
no undertaker V HHH rematch denied.
WWE Monday Night Raw and Bud Light Platnum its going to be a good night at the Ternes household.