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Monday, April 30, 2012

John lorinitus vs John Cena at the next ppv, looks like John Cena may only have one good arm but my money is still on him. John lorinitus is a shit stain.
Next Pay Per View CM Punk Vs Danial Bryan, looks like another championship match thats not going to be the main event. notch up another win for the paper champion, CM Sucks.
awesome Danial Bryan is next, I'll be in the bathroom if you need me.
The Great Kalli is huge, Kane is the most boring persona in the WWE still riding the coat tails of the Undertaker, actually the undertakers full name when the persona started was "The Undertaker Kane" suck on that you big red pale of human waste. Why don't you put on another mask to cover the mask you wear that covers your mask idiot.
tag team championship match can't wait. What  a joke nobody cares about the tag team belts anymore, not sence the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal AHH  what a Rush.
Randy Orton beat the clock by 3 seconds, better luck next time miz you make me want to puke.
Vicky Gerrero make me want to be more like Helen Keller. She sounds like Fran Drescher except sluttier and more obnoxious.
If anyone is looking for a last minute birthday gift for me (March 19th) I would like a Randy Orton T-shirt, or you could just get me a beer.
John Cena does alot of work with the make a wish foundation, you couldn't ask for a better role model, except maybe Derick Zoolander.
somebody call my mama its about to get funky up in here, I don't know if I could pull off those dance moves.
Nice trench coat Miz you look like kermit the frog if he was in the matrix you dumb shit. you should have taken the blue pill.
Brock Lesnar is a douchebag. I think he should be on some reality show on the country music channel. like those rednecks that were dirt farmers and won the lotto. He needs to go back to his crap shack and whittle some wood, or whatever the hell they do in the back woods dickhole of a town he was born in.

Monday, April 23, 2012

all that lead-up to the contract signing and not one punch thrown what a crock of shit, i feel like i might have just wasted 3 hours of my life watching RAW, Just kidding only the last 10 min. sucked. See you next week everyone. John Cena rules.
I was right Brock Lesnar is an Asshole, and more importantly he is boring, and a self absorbed piece of shit, if i had any respect for John Laurinaitis it would be gone now, what a spineless worm.
good advise from Jerry The King Lawler " Never high five a cobra."
woo woo woo, Zach Ryder is growing on me, and you know it.
funkasourus in action tonight awesome. New hotsauce on the way out not awesome. Trinidad scorpion peppers might be to hot for human consumption, WWE blog worthy i doubt it but its my blog and I'll post whatever I want.
Oddly enought if CM Punk fails his sobriety test I think I might actually like him more, given that I never liked him before its not setting the bar very high.
Beth Phenix didn't hold the Divas title for so long because she's stronger then the other divas its because nobody cares about diva matches everyone is just waiting for a wardrob malfunction. Nikki Bella just won the divas championship belt, still nobody cares.
Brock Lensar is an ASSHOLE. I hope John Cena stomps a mud hole in his ass.
shit they brought back Alberto Del Rio, I thought they finally realised that he was a useless pile of shit, now hes teaming with Cody Rhodes the two most despicable people on the planet, at least the most despicable people in the WWE.
now we get to listen to Kane, great if this keeps up i might have to get another beer, Thanks RAW.
even little Jimmy doesn't like RTruth, and hes facing Lord Tensai, wake me up when this one is over, at least hes matches are normally quick ones, nobody can stand to watch him for very long.
Y2Jwrestling Kofi Kingston thats the biggest mismatch I've seen in a long time. Reminds me of the era of jobers.
special 3 hour edition of RAW tonight, starting off with the rated  R superstar Edge. Does anyone remember when he was in the Brood with Christian and Gangryl?

Monday, April 16, 2012

lord Tensai is a flaming pile of dog shit, he should have stayed in Japan, we don't want him.
its the only living breathing funkasourus, Brotis Clay.
who is John Cena going to face tonight, I think it will be The Miz, that kermit the frog looking dipshit.
John Cena extream rules match tonight I can't wait, next week he and Brock Lesner sign the contract for the next pay-per-view nobody wants to see them sign a contract, that will end in a scuffle for sure that will take every ref in the WWE universe to breakup.
woo, woo, woo you know it, Zack Ryder vs Kane they are putting on a great show tonight, i wish i was in England to watch it live, Kane is a Butt Sniffer.
santino is funny as hell and David Otunga is an oversized ape, I hope he chokes on his own ego.
Mark Henry is not only the worlds strongest man but also the worlds largest waste of space, why don't you go play on the freeway.
what a way to start off Monday Night RAW, CM Punk vs Mark Henry, live from London England, I hate them both but I would like some fish and chips, you can keep the warm beer.

Monday, April 9, 2012

one of my favorite wrestlers against one of my least favorite who to cheer for, John Cena as always. David Otunga is a Harvard idiot. Eve is a Hooker.
CM Punk, Y2J should not have wasted a bottle of Jack Daniels on CM Sucks. Eve is a Hooker.
Prince Albert, he was Draz personal Piercer, after he stopped teaming with the Roasd warriors. Eve is a Hooker.
Lord Tensi who is this asshole? I remember him what the hell was hisname back then? Eve is a  Hooker.
The three stogeis guest host RAW tonight, they aren't as funny now as the were back then. Eve is a Hooker.
The only WWE superstar I like less then R-Truth is Cody Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes was great and he is such a complete Jack Ass. Eve is a Hooker.
Santino and Brotis Clay tag team is a great idea unless the funkasourus wants to ever have a championship belt in the WWE. Eve is a Hooker.
I miss one Monday night RAW and Brock Lesner comes back, damn it, Eve is a hooker.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I still am in disbelief that the rock won
The most electrifing move in sports entertainment wasnt enough to finish off john cena
U can't SEe me, time for the main event finally the rock has come back to Miami
Flo rida sucks jusT as bad as MGC what a crock of shit get these assholes back to the ghetto so we can get back to the trailer park.
John cena has to WIn tonight tomorrow the rock is back in hollywood and John wll be on raw. And this dude is a chump MGC he looks like a little punk
Funkasourus is at wrestle mania awesome and he brought his mama. Bridge club
I never liked cm punk does anyone remember when punk was the Leader omf nexus and bad guy that almost made John cDNA quit wrestling now he's a hero well i Still hate him for that
Get out of the ring eve you stupid hooker see my last post to view what I want you to do.
I hope John lorintus chocks himself, then starts himself on fire then falls off a cliff and lands on a bicycle with no seat
Taker Ned's to win I've Ben Erin m undertake t shirt for two days now
Taker got hit with sweet chin music and the pedigree and still kicked out he is not human
Best wrestlmania ever already with more to come great night
Time for the big show to stop bing the big side show and kick some ass.
Two masks one face Kane is one dumb crap head
200 families are at wrestle mania for the make a wish foundation I am proud to be a fan.
Fastest match ever shamus new champ danial Bryant sucks so much I hate him so much I makes me want to poop
Welcome to a special wrestle mania addition of mywwepost I am so happy to be in penslvania with my family today.