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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Big Show ranting, then Alberto Del Rio, now Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Jack Swager and Dolph Ziggler, tonights RAW is starting off pretty bad, at least it can only get better.
Alberto Del Rio is a crotch.
John Cena needs to shut the Big Show up, I like the Big Show but damn his monolog is as entertaining as the contestant interview portion of jeopardy.
The big show is boring as hell, this monolag is taking forever, lets got to some action.
a special salute to the veterans on Monday Night Raw very touching.

Monday, May 21, 2012

John Cena and Shamus in a 2 on 3 handycap lumberjack match, the other 3 are Dulph Zigler, Jack Swagger and Lord Tensi, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Dumber
Holy Shit sarting June 23rd Monday Night RAW will be 3 hours long every monday celebrating its 1000th episode.
just saw the ad for WCW the best of Clash of the Champions DVD I need this if anyone is looking for a present for Addies Birthday, I think she would love it.
Kelly Kelly is good looking no shit Maxim magazine.
I'm so glad christian is wrestling again, not. He is a giant douch bag the Hardy's and Dudley's caried him and edge in their TLC matches, damn that seems like a long time ago.
Daniel Bryant has the personality of a wad of chewing gum. I still don't like CM Punk but at least he's entertaining Daniel Bryant needs to go away soon. Great now Kane is coming outis matches are nice to watch but his persona is dumb. That being said I hope Kane eats Daniel Bryants' soul.
Randy Ortons power slam might be the most impresive power slam of all time, now Y2J gets in on the action wearing leather pants and delivering a Code Breaker looks like the next fued is T2J and Randy Orton, nice that just happened.
John Cena and Shamus teaming together in a 2 on 3 handycap lumberjack match now this is must see tv. The only thing I would rather watch would be John Laurinitus being hit by a school bus filled with C4, HaHa that would be great.
you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck I wanted to chant along with the crowd, Big Show Turning into a Heal why not, you suck, you suck, you suck.
John Cena lost to John Laurinitus what a crock of shit, the worst thing about it is that the Big Show help that pile of monkey snot win, People Power my ass.

Monday, May 14, 2012

John Laurinitais the undisputed king of shitheads.
why do they keep showing the Big Show being fired, that was a sad, sad, time in RAW history again go to hell John Laurinaitus.
Chris Jericho or Randy Orton who to cheer for? Y2J or the Apex Predator. I have to go with the RKO.
are you kidding me a 6 man tag match those have been out of style for years nobody cares. Not to mention that i don't like 5 of the 6 wrestlers in the match, right now looks like a good time to get a beer. I just hope its over soon.
bad form Johnny if I had ay respect for you before ( I Didn't really) it would be all gone now, the WWE is big into the Make A Wish foundation, well here is my wish I would like to break my foot off in your ass you pompous ASS, I hope you choke on your ego and die, dickhead.
If I had to apologize everytime i made fun of my boss i would never get anything done at work because I'd be to busy saying I'm sorry. Don't do it Big Show John Laurinitus is an insignificant worm, and your last movie was goodish, I think you have a good movie career ahead of you, just kidding show your movie sucked but John Laurinitus is a dick just say sorry then punch him in the junk.
Randy Orton Vs Y2J tonight its going to be a good night on RAW.
sorry for the lack of posts last week, I was unavoidably unavailable.