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Monday, September 7, 2015

One last post for tonight does anyone out there know where I can get a pair of John Cena shoes I can only find them in kid sizes.
Sting is a master manipulator, playing mind games with Seth Rollins using a garbage truck awesome reminds me of the Monday night wars. So glad Sting is finally working in the WWE. Could we possibly see Sting and Undertaker at next wrestlemania, I hope so.  That would be my dream match My favorite WWE Wrestler against my favorite WCW wrestler holy crap that would be amazing.
It's a New Day, dumb New Day Sucks, Seth Rollins can hardly walk, I like how John Cena wears a headband on his bicep.
I wish I looked as cool as The Miz does when he takes off his sun glasses. Damn Cesaro is the master of the European Uppercut. The Swiss Superman has some incredible matches but I think he lacks the charisma to ever be a World Champion. 
RKO out of no where vintage Orton. Then a sneak attack by the Wyatt Family. The apocalypse awaits for you at Night of Champions. The Dudley Boys in action tonight Awesome. Whazzzz up? Los Matadores welcome to a real tag match. JBL was right the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match between them Edge and Christian, and the Hardy Boys might be the best match of all time.

Dolph Ziggler and Summer Ray? The rumor is the Lana hurt herself training is unable to wrestle for an undisclosed amount of time and the WWE wanted the Ziggler/Rusev feud to continue so the had to continue it without Lana and without Lana there is no need for Summer Ray.
Big E just tried to eat a kazoo, and The New Day and Prime Time Players will have a match for the tag titles next week and the winner of that match will face The Dudley Boys at night of Champions. That is how you make the tag titles into a legit championship I think a long feud between PTP and the Dudley Boys will do that. D'Von get the table. Awesome. Dudley Death Drop.