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Monday, August 20, 2012

Y2J,            Y2J,          T2J,         Y2J,     Y2J,            Y2J,                Y2J. I just started a slow chant in my head, did it work on you circle   yes or no
brock lesner and paul hayman are reason number one and reason number two why abortion should not only be legal but also sometimes encouraged. I cant help but thinking if their daddies would have pulled instead of pushed we wouldn't have to deal with either one of those brain dead, waste of oxygen piles of cockroach shit. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Y2J is on Pipers Pit, that's great Hot Rod is one of the greatest of all time. Pipers pit is starting to get boring, oh great her comes Vickie Gurerro to make it obnoxious and boring. just what I wanted its like a paper cut with lemon juice poured in it, and a kick in the crotch at the same time.
Lord Tensi lost to Sin Cara, what a fat tub of asshole, he should wrestle someone actually good nd get his ass kicked in a loss instead of just losing, what a giant piece of shit.
who is Shamus fighting at summer slam, I hope its still Alberto Del Rio I would like to see him Knock the Stupid look off his face. and Beet the crap out of his ring announcer Richardo Rodreges  maybe both of them should get a brough kick
"he has alot of hair, he must be a girl boy" thats what my 5 year old daughter said about Heath Slayter
Starting off the night with The Big Show and CM Punk, not bad, not bad at all I hope Punk gets knocked out
did I hear that right we are only 6 days from Summer Slam, I better start stocking up on Stones.