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Monday, November 26, 2012

Does anyone remember the last time Zack Ryder won a match, me either and I love this shit. Damon Sandow " The Intellectual  Savor of the WWE" more like the intellectual savor of my ass.
john cena has a new shirt damn it i still don't have his last one.
I watched Mick Foley's Death match on you tube, barbed wire and C-4 ouch.
Lord Tensi looks more like a sumo wrestler then a professional  wrestler. What a fat tub of asshole that S.O.B. sounds like he's snoring when he wrestles.
I hate dalph ziggler but its always nice to have a jerry springer reference on RAW.
Vicky Gerrero looks alot like Kim Kardassions mom. and they both get on my nerves. I wish they both would never be on tv again. Vicky Gerrero's voice is like nails on a chalk board combined with an ice pick q-tip.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

shut up Paul Heyman, hows your brand doing, Oh yeah out of business, perhaps you aren't as good of a promoter as you think you are. Also CM Punk is a Douchebag one calender year as champion one lifetime of douchebagedness.
Sin Cara is spanish for faceless, I had to look it up I thought it might be spanish for jobber. Remember Al Snow he made it be cool to be a Jobber, what does everybody want HEAD, what does everybody need HEAD. I miss HEAD.
Hey Damien Sandow, where is your partner Cody Rhodes, I hate that jerk off, I hate is jerk face, I hate his jerk off name, I hate his jerk off partner, I hate that jerk off. The only thing good about Cody Rhodes is "The American Dream Dusty Rhodes" He was awesome.
Damien Sandow is the intellectual savior of my ass.
shamus is pissed off have you ever seen a ginger snap, if he wasn't such a pile of asshole i might feel sorry for damien sandow. I hope shamus brough kicks his head clean off his dumb ass shoulders.
one full year of CM Punk being the World Champion, one full year of his bull shit. C M Punk please take one full step backwards and go fuck yourself.

Monday, November 12, 2012

would you go one on one with Rybeck for a chance at a $1000000 contract in the WWE, you bet your sweet ass I would, without a moments hesitation. after tonight no one will for get the name Brad Ma   , oh damn here comes Rybeck.

bang, bang
8 man tag match and here comes Richardo Rodriguez, sometimes I wonder why I watch this crap, then I remember these matches aren't the ones I care about but now that RAW is 3 hours long they have to fill it with C list "stars" like the prime time players, epico and primo, tyson kidd and justin gabreal, to see B list stars like Ray mesterio? and sin carra. well at least the 619 is still entertaining.

Monday, November 5, 2012

scandal in the WWE, no why would they create controversy in sports entertainment, I just don't understand what they are trying to accomplish. Oh, yeah its the longest running weekly syndicated program in the History of Television I say again The History of Television. Suck on that WWE haters.
somebody call my mamma it's the only living breathing funkasourus Brotis Clay and the funkadactials. Vs. Wade Barret what a douche bag, bare knuckle brawler my ass I would like to kick him in the face a few times for making me put up with Nexus for so ling, as a matter of fact I owe C.M. Punk a few kicks to the head for prolonging Nexus. 
another damn tag match why who the hell is in charge or RAW now oh yeah its Vickie Gerrero who did she blow to get that job, and I thought my employes were under  qualified for their jobs, I'm not saying I don't enjoy working with my Idiots, I just wish they were exactly like me.
here comes Randy Orton "The Viper" just kidding it was just his music, just kidding ha came out of the crowd with a RKO out of nowhere. AWESOME suck my ass Alberto Del Rio.
Kofi Kingston VS. Alberto Del Rio, sounds like a good time to take a shit.
I would like to amend my previous post, I don't give a shit about the divas matches or tag team matches anymore. the last good tag team was The Road Warriors Hawk and Animal, AHHH WHAT A RUSH.
Hello my friends Hello,
I took a break from blogging, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I just needed a little break from typing. Just in time for a Diva match I used to love these when I was younger now I just want to get back to the action.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Y2J,            Y2J,          T2J,         Y2J,     Y2J,            Y2J,                Y2J. I just started a slow chant in my head, did it work on you circle   yes or no
brock lesner and paul hayman are reason number one and reason number two why abortion should not only be legal but also sometimes encouraged. I cant help but thinking if their daddies would have pulled instead of pushed we wouldn't have to deal with either one of those brain dead, waste of oxygen piles of cockroach shit. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Y2J is on Pipers Pit, that's great Hot Rod is one of the greatest of all time. Pipers pit is starting to get boring, oh great her comes Vickie Gurerro to make it obnoxious and boring. just what I wanted its like a paper cut with lemon juice poured in it, and a kick in the crotch at the same time.
Lord Tensi lost to Sin Cara, what a fat tub of asshole, he should wrestle someone actually good nd get his ass kicked in a loss instead of just losing, what a giant piece of shit.
who is Shamus fighting at summer slam, I hope its still Alberto Del Rio I would like to see him Knock the Stupid look off his face. and Beet the crap out of his ring announcer Richardo Rodreges  maybe both of them should get a brough kick
"he has alot of hair, he must be a girl boy" thats what my 5 year old daughter said about Heath Slayter
Starting off the night with The Big Show and CM Punk, not bad, not bad at all I hope Punk gets knocked out
did I hear that right we are only 6 days from Summer Slam, I better start stocking up on Stones.

Monday, July 30, 2012

the referee in the ring right now was one of the guys in white robes that brought daniel bryan to the nut farm. I'm sure of it, couldn't RAW get more extras.
tensi makes me want to eat some cheese-its, I don't know why but he does. Also I wish he didn't breath so loud. And who the hell is Tyson Kidd, nevermind match over.
last week heath slayter got beat up by Lita, he doesn't stand a chance against Randy Orton this week. Well that was fast.
what will be extinct first tag team matches or wrestling managers, on thing for sure tag team managers won't be around long. I hope you had a back up plan A.W..
aj is crazy, but having Daniel Bryan Committed was a good idea at least i don't have to listen to him the rest of the night. i wish both of them would have there mouths sown shut.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Undertaker is back baby 20-0 in wrestle-mania the brothers of destruction awesome. 
A.P.A. and all the legends are in the ring tonight such a great night on RAW. Phyco Sid, Road Warrior Animal, Doink the Clown, Sargent Saughter, DDP, Big Van Vader, Rakichi, and the Hot Rod Roudy Roddy Pipper.
HHH verses Brock Lesnar at summer slam looks like another $50 added to my cable bill
finally the Rock has come back to Monday Night RAW
does anyone remember when Daniel Bryan wasn't good enough to be a member of nexus that group isn't even around anymore, they lasted what 3 months, how the hell is he still relevant. Oh yeah he isn't.  What the FUCK just happened AJ is the new general manager of Monday Night RAW, that is the dumbest thing ever. Vince has lost his mind.
should AJ say I do or I don't, who cares i just hope she does it fast because this is dumb as hell. a wedding on RAW1000 give me a break. Love is grand but divorce is 100 grand.
dude love just made an appearance on RAW1000, to give Jack Swagger a taste of Sacko.
recliner check, monday night raw check, colorado coolaid check. life is good
1000th episode of RAW in 3 minutes. i can hardly wait.

Monday, July 2, 2012

now DDP came to the ring for a Self High Five. Diamond Cutter from Diamond Dallas Page, that was classic. Heath Slayter is an Ass Hole.

Heath Slayter is comeing to the ring that means its time for a past superstar to come out and kick his ass, who will it be this week, Doink the clown nice.
anything having to do with AJ makes for a bad story line. CM Punk is an idiot cute and stupid, is still stupid.
Brogue kick time, it couldn't happen to a nicer pile of shit.
prime time players are the number one contenders for the tag team championship belts, still nobody cares. Tag matches are stupid, it was nice to see David Otunga get his ass beat like a government mule.
well its the big show, the big bad show tonight, i hate it when people wear knit hats in the summer, dumb ass get a thermometer , were in Wisconsin it got all the way down to 100 degrees outside,  you better get something on to cover your ears.
RAW IS Jericho

Monday, June 25, 2012

Shamus might be my  new favorite wrestler. He just likes to kick some Arss.
does anyone remember when Psycho Sid was Sid Vicious in the tag team called "the Skyscrapers" with dangerous Dan Spivey
would someone please take a shit on Heath Slayter, and his one man band.
tonight for the first time in two years the main event is going to be John Cena vs Chris Jericho. Vickie Guerrero is as annoying as a pair of socks with warn out elastic, that's going to be a great match.
Chris Jericho back on RAW after a successful European tour with his band Fozzy, is there anything he can't do.
if you were to watch every episode of RAW back to back 24 hours a day. One I would be jealous, and Two it would take 75 days.
I just spotted a Funkasaurus on monday night RAW. the only living brathing funkasaurus. somebody call my mama.
starting the show off with AJ Vickie Guerrero then Daniel Bryan Kane and cm punk with vickie guerrero as the interim general manager excuse me both what a shitty start if it doesnt get better in a hurry i might as will punch myself in the nuts until i pass out. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A 3 on 1 handycap match next The Big Show, David Otunga, and John Laurinaitis Vs John Cena, in Big Jonny's last night on RAW it doesn't matter who wins the match because we are the winners tonight "People Power" what a joke YOUR FIRED John now pack your shit and get the hell off my show.
Just when I thought RAW couldn't get any worse Heath Slayter is going to sing I haven't heard anything that bad in a long time, then the bagpipes start and out comes the Hot Rod, Rowdy Roddy Piper.
Cyndi Lauper, makes her return to the WWE next on RAW, who cares, not this guy, her one hit still gets on my nerves. If i never hear that girls just want to have fun again, that would be just fine with me.
alberto del rio shouldn't have his own ring announcer his is a jack ass, I hope Santino hits him with the cobra.
Jack Swager vs Dalph Zigler with the winner "gets" to keep Vicky Gurrero as a manager, I for one would rather not win that match.
I think Daniel Bryan got more annoying then he was last week I didn't know that was even possible, Kane is still a pile of used chewing gum, tag team matches are stupid, not your best effort Mankind, I should give you a mandeville claw.
Mick Foley is the new interim general manager of Raw the only thing better then that is that John Lorinitus was fired last night.

Monday, June 11, 2012

big van vader on RAW tonight what a blast from the past, they are going to have a past RAW superstar every week until the 1000 episode July 23rd. Who will it be next week tune into raw next week or view my blog.
your fired John Lorinitus the next RAW general manager and vice president of talent relations is Lowell Ternes, that might be my dream job.
i haven't liked the big show recently but I did like seeing R-truth get knocked out.
Kofi Kingston vs. The Big Show in a steal cage tonight, the big show is boring but he should still make quick work of kofi. maby this way we won't have to listen to either of them tonight.
ryback is one large S.O.B.
I would rather listen to shriek owls all night long than listen to Vicki Garrero scream at me.  If I was Dolf Ziegler, I would body slam her ass.
Why the hell is Kim Kardashians mom on WWE?  Vickie Garrero can suck a fart out of my ass.
is john lorunitus going to get fired tonight, I hope so he is a slimey worm, i will look forward to not seeing him ever again. also unrelated but Beth Phoenix might actually be  a bigger man then me.
July 23rd will be the 1000 episode of monday night RAW that is the longest running weekly television show ever in the history of tv. I hope John Cena kicks someones ass tonight.
Shamus just beat lord tensi i didn't like him as prince albert he was a fat slob then and he is a fat slob now, i hate his face. Lets go Shamus clap clap clapclapclap, Lets go Shamus clap clap clapclapclap, Lets go Shamus clap, clap clapclapclap, I was trying to start a slow chant from my living room ( it didn't work)

Monday, June 4, 2012

is it just me or does it look like lord tensai might have pooped in his pants. I was looking forward to seeing Micheal Cole get his ass into next week.
Vince McMahon is going to be on RAW next week to evaluate John Lorinitus's job proformance. I think he is doing a worse job then Bernie Madoff.
if I was a professional wrestler my signature move would be the junk punch.
daniel Bryan is a loser yes, yes, yes, Kane is a big red pile of elephant jizz. CM Punk is a waste of oxygen can't wait for that match WWE you are sliping.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Big Show ranting, then Alberto Del Rio, now Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Jack Swager and Dolph Ziggler, tonights RAW is starting off pretty bad, at least it can only get better.
Alberto Del Rio is a crotch.
John Cena needs to shut the Big Show up, I like the Big Show but damn his monolog is as entertaining as the contestant interview portion of jeopardy.
The big show is boring as hell, this monolag is taking forever, lets got to some action.
a special salute to the veterans on Monday Night Raw very touching.

Monday, May 21, 2012

John Cena and Shamus in a 2 on 3 handycap lumberjack match, the other 3 are Dulph Zigler, Jack Swagger and Lord Tensi, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Dumber
Holy Shit sarting June 23rd Monday Night RAW will be 3 hours long every monday celebrating its 1000th episode.
just saw the ad for WCW the best of Clash of the Champions DVD I need this if anyone is looking for a present for Addies Birthday, I think she would love it.
Kelly Kelly is good looking no shit Maxim magazine.
I'm so glad christian is wrestling again, not. He is a giant douch bag the Hardy's and Dudley's caried him and edge in their TLC matches, damn that seems like a long time ago.
Daniel Bryant has the personality of a wad of chewing gum. I still don't like CM Punk but at least he's entertaining Daniel Bryant needs to go away soon. Great now Kane is coming outis matches are nice to watch but his persona is dumb. That being said I hope Kane eats Daniel Bryants' soul.
Randy Ortons power slam might be the most impresive power slam of all time, now Y2J gets in on the action wearing leather pants and delivering a Code Breaker looks like the next fued is T2J and Randy Orton, nice that just happened.
John Cena and Shamus teaming together in a 2 on 3 handycap lumberjack match now this is must see tv. The only thing I would rather watch would be John Laurinitus being hit by a school bus filled with C4, HaHa that would be great.
you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck I wanted to chant along with the crowd, Big Show Turning into a Heal why not, you suck, you suck, you suck.
John Cena lost to John Laurinitus what a crock of shit, the worst thing about it is that the Big Show help that pile of monkey snot win, People Power my ass.

Monday, May 14, 2012

John Laurinitais the undisputed king of shitheads.
why do they keep showing the Big Show being fired, that was a sad, sad, time in RAW history again go to hell John Laurinaitus.
Chris Jericho or Randy Orton who to cheer for? Y2J or the Apex Predator. I have to go with the RKO.
are you kidding me a 6 man tag match those have been out of style for years nobody cares. Not to mention that i don't like 5 of the 6 wrestlers in the match, right now looks like a good time to get a beer. I just hope its over soon.
bad form Johnny if I had ay respect for you before ( I Didn't really) it would be all gone now, the WWE is big into the Make A Wish foundation, well here is my wish I would like to break my foot off in your ass you pompous ASS, I hope you choke on your ego and die, dickhead.
If I had to apologize everytime i made fun of my boss i would never get anything done at work because I'd be to busy saying I'm sorry. Don't do it Big Show John Laurinitus is an insignificant worm, and your last movie was goodish, I think you have a good movie career ahead of you, just kidding show your movie sucked but John Laurinitus is a dick just say sorry then punch him in the junk.
Randy Orton Vs Y2J tonight its going to be a good night on RAW.
sorry for the lack of posts last week, I was unavoidably unavailable.

Monday, April 30, 2012

John lorinitus vs John Cena at the next ppv, looks like John Cena may only have one good arm but my money is still on him. John lorinitus is a shit stain.
Next Pay Per View CM Punk Vs Danial Bryan, looks like another championship match thats not going to be the main event. notch up another win for the paper champion, CM Sucks.
awesome Danial Bryan is next, I'll be in the bathroom if you need me.
The Great Kalli is huge, Kane is the most boring persona in the WWE still riding the coat tails of the Undertaker, actually the undertakers full name when the persona started was "The Undertaker Kane" suck on that you big red pale of human waste. Why don't you put on another mask to cover the mask you wear that covers your mask idiot.
tag team championship match can't wait. What  a joke nobody cares about the tag team belts anymore, not sence the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal AHH  what a Rush.
Randy Orton beat the clock by 3 seconds, better luck next time miz you make me want to puke.
Vicky Gerrero make me want to be more like Helen Keller. She sounds like Fran Drescher except sluttier and more obnoxious.
If anyone is looking for a last minute birthday gift for me (March 19th) I would like a Randy Orton T-shirt, or you could just get me a beer.
John Cena does alot of work with the make a wish foundation, you couldn't ask for a better role model, except maybe Derick Zoolander.
somebody call my mama its about to get funky up in here, I don't know if I could pull off those dance moves.
Nice trench coat Miz you look like kermit the frog if he was in the matrix you dumb shit. you should have taken the blue pill.
Brock Lesnar is a douchebag. I think he should be on some reality show on the country music channel. like those rednecks that were dirt farmers and won the lotto. He needs to go back to his crap shack and whittle some wood, or whatever the hell they do in the back woods dickhole of a town he was born in.

Monday, April 23, 2012

all that lead-up to the contract signing and not one punch thrown what a crock of shit, i feel like i might have just wasted 3 hours of my life watching RAW, Just kidding only the last 10 min. sucked. See you next week everyone. John Cena rules.
I was right Brock Lesnar is an Asshole, and more importantly he is boring, and a self absorbed piece of shit, if i had any respect for John Laurinaitis it would be gone now, what a spineless worm.
good advise from Jerry The King Lawler " Never high five a cobra."
woo woo woo, Zach Ryder is growing on me, and you know it.
funkasourus in action tonight awesome. New hotsauce on the way out not awesome. Trinidad scorpion peppers might be to hot for human consumption, WWE blog worthy i doubt it but its my blog and I'll post whatever I want.
Oddly enought if CM Punk fails his sobriety test I think I might actually like him more, given that I never liked him before its not setting the bar very high.
Beth Phenix didn't hold the Divas title for so long because she's stronger then the other divas its because nobody cares about diva matches everyone is just waiting for a wardrob malfunction. Nikki Bella just won the divas championship belt, still nobody cares.
Brock Lensar is an ASSHOLE. I hope John Cena stomps a mud hole in his ass.
shit they brought back Alberto Del Rio, I thought they finally realised that he was a useless pile of shit, now hes teaming with Cody Rhodes the two most despicable people on the planet, at least the most despicable people in the WWE.
now we get to listen to Kane, great if this keeps up i might have to get another beer, Thanks RAW.
even little Jimmy doesn't like RTruth, and hes facing Lord Tensai, wake me up when this one is over, at least hes matches are normally quick ones, nobody can stand to watch him for very long.
Y2Jwrestling Kofi Kingston thats the biggest mismatch I've seen in a long time. Reminds me of the era of jobers.
special 3 hour edition of RAW tonight, starting off with the rated  R superstar Edge. Does anyone remember when he was in the Brood with Christian and Gangryl?

Monday, April 16, 2012

lord Tensai is a flaming pile of dog shit, he should have stayed in Japan, we don't want him.
its the only living breathing funkasourus, Brotis Clay.
who is John Cena going to face tonight, I think it will be The Miz, that kermit the frog looking dipshit.
John Cena extream rules match tonight I can't wait, next week he and Brock Lesner sign the contract for the next pay-per-view nobody wants to see them sign a contract, that will end in a scuffle for sure that will take every ref in the WWE universe to breakup.
woo, woo, woo you know it, Zack Ryder vs Kane they are putting on a great show tonight, i wish i was in England to watch it live, Kane is a Butt Sniffer.
santino is funny as hell and David Otunga is an oversized ape, I hope he chokes on his own ego.
Mark Henry is not only the worlds strongest man but also the worlds largest waste of space, why don't you go play on the freeway.
what a way to start off Monday Night RAW, CM Punk vs Mark Henry, live from London England, I hate them both but I would like some fish and chips, you can keep the warm beer.

Monday, April 9, 2012

one of my favorite wrestlers against one of my least favorite who to cheer for, John Cena as always. David Otunga is a Harvard idiot. Eve is a Hooker.
CM Punk, Y2J should not have wasted a bottle of Jack Daniels on CM Sucks. Eve is a Hooker.
Prince Albert, he was Draz personal Piercer, after he stopped teaming with the Roasd warriors. Eve is a Hooker.
Lord Tensi who is this asshole? I remember him what the hell was hisname back then? Eve is a  Hooker.
The three stogeis guest host RAW tonight, they aren't as funny now as the were back then. Eve is a Hooker.
The only WWE superstar I like less then R-Truth is Cody Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes was great and he is such a complete Jack Ass. Eve is a Hooker.
Santino and Brotis Clay tag team is a great idea unless the funkasourus wants to ever have a championship belt in the WWE. Eve is a Hooker.
I miss one Monday night RAW and Brock Lesner comes back, damn it, Eve is a hooker.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I still am in disbelief that the rock won
The most electrifing move in sports entertainment wasnt enough to finish off john cena
U can't SEe me, time for the main event finally the rock has come back to Miami
Flo rida sucks jusT as bad as MGC what a crock of shit get these assholes back to the ghetto so we can get back to the trailer park.
John cena has to WIn tonight tomorrow the rock is back in hollywood and John wll be on raw. And this dude is a chump MGC he looks like a little punk
Funkasourus is at wrestle mania awesome and he brought his mama. Bridge club
I never liked cm punk does anyone remember when punk was the Leader omf nexus and bad guy that almost made John cDNA quit wrestling now he's a hero well i Still hate him for that
Get out of the ring eve you stupid hooker see my last post to view what I want you to do.
I hope John lorintus chocks himself, then starts himself on fire then falls off a cliff and lands on a bicycle with no seat
Taker Ned's to win I've Ben Erin m undertake t shirt for two days now
Taker got hit with sweet chin music and the pedigree and still kicked out he is not human
Best wrestlmania ever already with more to come great night
Time for the big show to stop bing the big side show and kick some ass.
Two masks one face Kane is one dumb crap head
200 families are at wrestle mania for the make a wish foundation I am proud to be a fan.
Fastest match ever shamus new champ danial Bryant sucks so much I hate him so much I makes me want to poop
Welcome to a special wrestle mania addition of mywwepost I am so happy to be in penslvania with my family today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

betty white has Civil War Pie the Rock keeps it classy
anyone not tuned into RAW tonight just missed the spin-a-roonie, can you dig it Sucka.
Funny how "the big show" just smacks the little guys like a little b*tch.  You would think he would piss pound them, but no.  Just a bitch slap. LOL
Micheal Cole is such a kiss ass, John Laurinitous and Vickie Gararro, now David Otunga this is worse then the interview segment on Jeopardy, Save us from this stupidness Booker T, and Teddy Long. Play on Player.
A.J. is a dumb whore, I used to feel bad for her having to acompany Danial Bryant to the ring but now I think she is as big a pile if puke as he is.
6 days until wrestlemania more excited for that then I was for my Birthday. Tonight Randy Orton and Shamus VS Danial Bryant and Kane. I hope Randy Orton and Shamus rip Dnial Bryants head off. Kane sucks to.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hell in a Cell HHH vs Taker hell in  cell  I cant wait
Jack Swager, Dolf Ziggler, and Vickie Guerrero = dumb, dumb, and dumber. you suck shit.
the Miz looks like kermit the frog, except not entertaining, or green.
Mark Henry is a large Man. That being said I hate his face. Worlds strongest ding-a-ling.
What's that that I smell?  The Rock must be cookin somethin.  Boots to Asses!
Cody Rhodes might be the dumbest person on the planet, also he is a little pile of shit. Why don't you play a nice rousing game of hide and go fuck yourself.
CM Punk and I have the same destiny acording to Y2J we are both going to drink, Happy Birthday to me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

you can't see me, John Cena is one hell of a model human being. Penis jokes are always funny.,so are fart joke
Do you like pancakes... It doesn't mater, I tell you what the Rock is going to do, the Rock is going to take that bottle of syrup, turn that somebitch sideways and shove it directly up your candyass.
This weeks trivia question who were the original members of the four horsemen on WCW?
well its the big show. The Miz you are so far from Awesome that you are the very definition of not awesome you dumb, dumb bastard.
Y2J what happened to your band? Fozzy must have sucked like almost every other band from Canada.
Does anyone remember G.L.O.W?
I say this every week but Daniel Bryan is a pile of smushed Assholes.
Patriots suck John Cena just because your from Boston does't mean that you have to like those jerk offs. I'd like to put a bounty on Tom Brady anyone knocks him out of a game gets a slightly used Keystone Light Can.
sorry for the delay tonight had trouble logging in. We missed The Rock, HHH, Shaun Micheals, and Zack Ryder. Broskis before hoskis. HHHand The Undertaker will have their rematch at wrestlemania and I'll be watching it in PA, nice I hope my mom remembers the 12 pack of Stones and bag of chips.

Monday, February 27, 2012

If you smell what the Rock is cooking, I'm out of Beer. Finally The Rock has come back to Raw.The most electrifing man in all of entertainment.
Cody Rhodes is a dumb sonofabithch, when a man tips the scales at 500lbs you might not want to make him mad especially when you are a tiny pile of used chewing gum. You stupid bag of dicks.
howski = power hunger slut. I don't give a shit bout you, yes you look good, but there are a shit time of good looking people, you are not special, special is someone you can shut the fuck up with and be yourself and so can they that is when you know when you found somebody special when you can shut the fuck up. got off the WWE posts but needed to be said and that was from pulp fiction.
Because I'm the Ternes and I'm Awesome. I like the sound of that. The Rock, The Peoples Champ is making an aperance tonight on RAW, can my blog handle it, I hope so.
If Kane doesn't make an aperance tonight everyone that subscribes to my blog will be invited to a Texas Style BBq at our house this summer. If Kane does make an aperance everyone that subscribes to my blog will be invited to a Carolina Style BBQ at our house this summer. If you don't know the difference please unsubscribe.
C.M. Punk vs Y2J the best in the world i don't think so and now Danial Bryan comes out jerk off #1, Awesome, jerk off #2. followed to the ring by David Otunga and John Lorinitus jerk off #3 and jerk off #4. Not A great start tonight for the interim general manager of RAW tonight, i wish you would shut your fat stupid face.
Epic trailor night at the Ternes House Daytona 500, Monday night RAW, and a 12 pack of Stones. Got my Undertaker Tshirt on and loving life.

Monday, February 20, 2012

No Kane tonight maybe the WWE suits realised he is boring, slow , and dumb i cant wait to not see him later. Undertakers 1/2 brother i don't think so, the amount of Awesomeness difference between my brother and I is almost not even there compaired to Kane and The Undertaker.
HHH and the Undertaker at WrestlemaniaXXVIII Hell in a Cell Match, and I'm gonna miss it I haven't taken a vacation in about 6 years and my vacation starts the same day as Wrestlemania.
David Otunga is a horrible pile of decroted rat poop. I wish he would climb the rest of the way up John Laurinaitis' ass.
Ron Simmons a WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012 Damn. We are The nation of domination. I also really like APA, I'll but fine, fine Taco Bell burrito for the first person that posts what APA stands for in reference to Ron Simmons.
The Peanut Teddy Long used to be a manager/ ref now general manager of smackdown, nice work player.
raise your hand if you thought Eve was a slut, not so fast Zack Ryder, maybe I'm getting old but nowadays I think the Divas are boring, it was very funny though when John Cena called her a "hoeskee" and the "glamazon" Beth Phoenix might be the only person in sports entertainment that does more steroids then Hulk Hogan did back in the day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Zack Ryder,
   Dont try to man up when you are a broke dick (due to Kane), not get the crap kicked out of you by John Cena (who you turned on) then get put back into a ambulance again and try to ack tuff, Long Islang IceTea is a stupid drink not a wrestling a knickname.
R-Truth vs Dolf Zigler I hate them both. Plus Shawn Michaels is done with no sweet chin music the feeling in my gut is similar to when i found out santa claus was fake.
welcome to mywwe blog. Tonight on raw the show stopper Shaun Michaels will be making a guest apperance I hope we see some sweat chin music. You know I'm sexy, I know you want me, I'm not your boy toy, awesome. But to start off the show with Kane being stupid embrace the hate eat my bud light platinum farts you big red reject, then a debat give me a break. I do happen to be a Master Debator. But R-truth's persona is dumb as hell.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cody Rhodes eliminates 6 guys at the royal rumble, do you know how many people care, Just the 6 people eliminated nobody gives a crap about Cody Rhodes.
David Otunga Just Tebow'd on raw
55 days until Westlemania
Daniel Bryant a vegan with a leather jacket wtf? I don't care about vegans but thats stupid.
no undertaker V HHH rematch denied.
WWE Monday Night Raw and Bud Light Platnum its going to be a good night at the Ternes household.

Monday, January 30, 2012

best wrestler of all time on raw tonight The Undertaker so happy right now, HHH vs Undertaker rematch at wrestlemania can't wait.
Shamus is the 2012 royal rumble winner. Nice should be an awesome Wrestlemania!
cant wait to find out what happened on the royal rumble Sunday while i was at work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a day without wwe is like a day without sunshine, when is the wwe channel going to air?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mick Foley is going to be in the Royal Rumble this Sunday, and I have to work.
John Lorinitus is a fool, i hate his face.
Brodus Clay is a dancing machine, But the catch Fraze "Somebody call my momma" was popularised by Ernest "The Cat" Miller.
Kane is boring as hell, What the hell is Y2J doing, Wade Barret is an idiot.