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Monday, November 26, 2012

Does anyone remember the last time Zack Ryder won a match, me either and I love this shit. Damon Sandow " The Intellectual  Savor of the WWE" more like the intellectual savor of my ass.
john cena has a new shirt damn it i still don't have his last one.
I watched Mick Foley's Death match on you tube, barbed wire and C-4 ouch.
Lord Tensi looks more like a sumo wrestler then a professional  wrestler. What a fat tub of asshole that S.O.B. sounds like he's snoring when he wrestles.
I hate dalph ziggler but its always nice to have a jerry springer reference on RAW.
Vicky Gerrero looks alot like Kim Kardassions mom. and they both get on my nerves. I wish they both would never be on tv again. Vicky Gerrero's voice is like nails on a chalk board combined with an ice pick q-tip.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

shut up Paul Heyman, hows your brand doing, Oh yeah out of business, perhaps you aren't as good of a promoter as you think you are. Also CM Punk is a Douchebag one calender year as champion one lifetime of douchebagedness.
Sin Cara is spanish for faceless, I had to look it up I thought it might be spanish for jobber. Remember Al Snow he made it be cool to be a Jobber, what does everybody want HEAD, what does everybody need HEAD. I miss HEAD.
Hey Damien Sandow, where is your partner Cody Rhodes, I hate that jerk off, I hate is jerk face, I hate his jerk off name, I hate his jerk off partner, I hate that jerk off. The only thing good about Cody Rhodes is "The American Dream Dusty Rhodes" He was awesome.
Damien Sandow is the intellectual savior of my ass.
shamus is pissed off have you ever seen a ginger snap, if he wasn't such a pile of asshole i might feel sorry for damien sandow. I hope shamus brough kicks his head clean off his dumb ass shoulders.
one full year of CM Punk being the World Champion, one full year of his bull shit. C M Punk please take one full step backwards and go fuck yourself.

Monday, November 12, 2012

would you go one on one with Rybeck for a chance at a $1000000 contract in the WWE, you bet your sweet ass I would, without a moments hesitation. after tonight no one will for get the name Brad Ma   , oh damn here comes Rybeck.

bang, bang
8 man tag match and here comes Richardo Rodriguez, sometimes I wonder why I watch this crap, then I remember these matches aren't the ones I care about but now that RAW is 3 hours long they have to fill it with C list "stars" like the prime time players, epico and primo, tyson kidd and justin gabreal, to see B list stars like Ray mesterio? and sin carra. well at least the 619 is still entertaining.

Monday, November 5, 2012

scandal in the WWE, no why would they create controversy in sports entertainment, I just don't understand what they are trying to accomplish. Oh, yeah its the longest running weekly syndicated program in the History of Television I say again The History of Television. Suck on that WWE haters.
somebody call my mamma it's the only living breathing funkasourus Brotis Clay and the funkadactials. Vs. Wade Barret what a douche bag, bare knuckle brawler my ass I would like to kick him in the face a few times for making me put up with Nexus for so ling, as a matter of fact I owe C.M. Punk a few kicks to the head for prolonging Nexus. 
another damn tag match why who the hell is in charge or RAW now oh yeah its Vickie Gerrero who did she blow to get that job, and I thought my employes were under  qualified for their jobs, I'm not saying I don't enjoy working with my Idiots, I just wish they were exactly like me.
here comes Randy Orton "The Viper" just kidding it was just his music, just kidding ha came out of the crowd with a RKO out of nowhere. AWESOME suck my ass Alberto Del Rio.
Kofi Kingston VS. Alberto Del Rio, sounds like a good time to take a shit.
I would like to amend my previous post, I don't give a shit about the divas matches or tag team matches anymore. the last good tag team was The Road Warriors Hawk and Animal, AHHH WHAT A RUSH.
Hello my friends Hello,
I took a break from blogging, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I just needed a little break from typing. Just in time for a Diva match I used to love these when I was younger now I just want to get back to the action.